Prima Residences (HLURB LTS #029982)

Prima Residences is a perfect place for individuals at different stages in their lives. College life is a time for bonding with family and friends, precious moments that should be treasured. Kyle Adap and his sister Kaye are university students who hail from Cagayan. “We used to live in an apartment,” he says. “My parents decided to buy a unit here at Prima Residences so we can have our own place.” Kaye talks about the convenience of the location. “It is near the church, near UST and other schools such as UP, San Beda, and those in the Univesity Belt. It is also near the malls. Since we come from Cagayan, we really need a place to stay here in Manila. So this is for our family too, when they come over. This condominium unit is really for us.”

Newlyweds and those starting their own family find the property as the perfect home to build a life together and fit into their new roles. Dennis Capule and his wife Amy have been living in an apartment for a year. Dennis recalls, “We were living in the Welcome Rotonda area, and it was an unpleasant surprise to discover that the area was prone to flooding. Because of this, we were already actively looking for a new place to stay. It was by coincidence that we discovered Prima Residences. We passed by the property and felt an impulse to get off our ride and inquire about a unit. We are very happy that we did.” Amy says, “It was a good decision to get a unit here. We were paying rent for an apartment that we could never own, whereas here, we have a place that is really ours.” Dennis plans to get another unit in the future, for business purposes, while maintaining the unit that they currently own.

Those who lived an active work life and are now seeking to rest and retire can appreciate all that Prima Residences has to offer. This is a time to reflect on a life well spent, and to live a good life with loved ones. “We used to own a 7-bedroom house,” shares Alex Buot. “It became an empty nest as time went on. My wife Nieves and I decided to move to Prima Residences because it is near the Sto. Domingo Church, where I have attended Mass ever since my childhood. Everything is accessible for us here. The property is also well-guarded, so well secure. I also like that it is a mid-rise building instead of being too high. I find this place very convenient.”

  • Cagayanons and college students Kyle Adap and sister Kaye find a home away from home, where places of learning are just minutes away.

    Near Schools and Universities

  • Newlyweds Dennis and Amy Capule preparing breakfast. They consider buying a unit at Prima Residences as one of the best decisions they have made


  • Retired executive Alex Buot and wife Nieves opted to spend their sunset years in a secured community where all their needs are but a stone's throw away.

    Across the Sto. Domingo Church

  • Low Density Condo Design

  • Typical Furnished Studio Unit

  • Furnished 1 Bedroom Unit

  • Living space in a 2 Bedroom Unit

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